W.E.M.A.P makes your new year resolutions stick like a hot glue

In 2017, you spent an entire month setting your goals for 2018. You were looking for goal setting programs. You went to get the most inspiring journals and notebooks that will inspire you to take action. You signed up for that fitness class. You committed to writing down your goals.

And 2018 came. You worked very hard in January. You fell out of your routine a bit, but you got back up. February came, you said It’s ok, I will do it next time. By March, you don’t remember where your inspiring notebook is. You started to slack. You begin to wonder What are my goals again?

Your new year resolutions didn’t even get to see Christmas!

Here’s the good news, in this case, you are already ahead of the pack. Most lost their goals before February even comes. But is that all you want? Repeating the same goals and the same cycle again? Is that how you want 2019 to be like?


Recently I created a video series to help people kickstart 2019 with powerful momentum. Yes, I know there are 2 more months to end 2018, but it is never too early to start making your life goals a reality. You can get the lessons here.

But for now, I’ll give you a secret sauce that you can use so your new year resolutions will stick until December 31 2019 and beyond.

It’s called the WEMAP.


The purpose of life is a life of purpose – Robert Bryne

With a powerful why, you’d never think of Should I or should not? whenever you want to exercise, read, learn, etc. The only thing on your mind is I must do it at all costs.

This makes you committed, determined. It’s a do-or-die thing.

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Once you’ve found your most powerful why, write them down, tell someone and share on social media.

Tip: A hack to find out your true why. Start by asking this question to yourself. Why do I want to ____________ (your goal)? So that ___________ . Keep asking so that until you feel your hair standing, your stomach churning or you feel emotionally attached at the end of so that.


Why do I wanna  lose weight?
So that I can wear pretty clothes.
So that I can be beautiful.
So that I can be confident of myself – the real why you want to lose weight


Millions of people didn’t make it through because they don’t know how the end looks like. When you do not have a north star to pull you forward, you will be pulled away by all the distractions in the world. Everything in the world is trying to get your attention, isn’t it?

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The End is the results after you’ve achieved all of your new year resolutions. Without an end in mind, you’ll be lost and distracted! You wouldn’t know what you’re aiming for. You’re like a train without a destination.

Visualize how your life will look like after you’ve ticked each of your new year resolutions. Use some of these guiding questions.

How do you look when you’ve obtained that perfect weight?
What do you hear people telling you after you’ve read 150 books in a year?
How do you feel when you’ve been promoted? To what position?

Tip: Find pictures that depict your desired life and look at it every single day. That’s your direction to push yourself even though you’re feeling in the blues. I outline this process in my new video series here.


The path to success is to take massive, determined actions – Tony Robbins

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The biker in the picture took a big leap of faith and cycled down the cliff. He has a goal – to cycle down this cliff without dying in 5 minutes. Every day, he went up the cliff and cycled, and cycled, and cycled. Day in and day out.

If he had procrastinated, he’d be saying “Just this day, I’m gonna Netflix and chill”.


He’d be saying “Hmm, I think I should watch more Youtube to learn the right skills” and he never trained for real.

Sounds like what you’re doing?

Tip: One-year-long goals are kinda scary at first. Figure out smaller goals that make up the bigger goals. E.g If you want to lose 30kg by the end of the year, your smaller goals are to lose 2.5kg per month. Work out for 30 minutes a day.


If Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t score on his first attempt, do you think he’ll try to move the goal post?

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Of course not! It doesn’t make sense.

BUT this is what most of you do in their lives.

You believed that you can’t achieve your new year resolutions because the goals are too hard or too challenging, so you chose to change the goals (or throw it out of the window altogether), instead of changing the way to get there.

The only way to stop yourself from ditching your important goals is by creating an end goal that you’re willing to die for (metaphorically).

Tip: Use this technique 3P which I’ve shared in my free class to create goals that you’re willing to achieve at all costs.


You know who celebrates the most on this planet? Children. Who learns the fastest? Children. Who is willing to do all it takes to get what they want? CHILDREN. We can learn so much from children in achieving their goals.

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Lost 500 grams in 1 month? Celebrate by praising yourself! “Woohoo, I did it! I’m so proud of myself!”
Got promoted to Team Leader instead of Manager? You celebrate by going out for a drink with your friends!

Celebrate every single little success you have, no matter how small they are. Baby steps are still steps.

Tip: Celebrate each time you’ve achieved your smaller goals. Praise yourself, do something that you love, give yourself presents, celebrate with family and friends and many more.

You’ve tried all these and still none works?

Most probably what you need is not the strategy. What’s missing is the readiness of your psyche. You know you want to achieve your goals, but something always seems to be in the way.

Figure out what it is here.


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