Think you’re not good enough? Find out where they come from and smash the fear to pieces!

The biggest disease affecting humanity is “I’m not enough!” – Marisa Peer

Determined to ask your crush out for a date yet you think “I think I’m not good enough for her.”

Said something to your colleague yet you think “Did I say something I shouldn’t say just now?”

Spending time with your family yet you’re afraid to tell your parents “Mum, Dad. I’ve decided to chase my dreams of becoming __________ .”

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The fear of not good enough is very common and deadly

Why deadly? Because it paralyzes you from becoming who you want to be. It stops you from success. You may not realize you have this fear but I know. There’s something within stopping you from doing the things you want to do, but you don’t know what to do, and how to fix it.

“If you want to overcome your fear, first, you must know what it is, where it came from, what created it and how it has shaped your present behavior” is what I told my clients, every time. To know and understand your fear is the very first step before I teach you how to smash them to pieces.

I’m gonna share with you the top 3 most common origins of fear of not good enough.

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Origin #1: You didn’t receive enough love and attention when you’re young

Fear originated from this source sticks the strongest and difficult to trace. At some point in your childhood, your parents hardly praised you for your hard work, they never cared for your feelings, and whatever you do, you’re wrong. Instinctively you felt there’s something wrong with you or they just don’t like you anymore. That you need to be good enough for them. And then, you start doing something (sometimes silly) to get back their attention and love.


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Origin #2: Many people expect a lot of things from you

Family, friends, and society have very high expectations on you in whatever you do (not true at all!). They’d expect you to get married at the age of 25-30. They’d expect you to say things that please their ears. And they’d expect you to check all boxes of life. These imaginary expectations are endless and you’ll never achieve all of them. That’s why you think you’re not enough because you didn’t achieve expectations from those you value the most.



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Origin #3: You’re afraid of repeating past failures and pains

If you’ve failed your first business, you’d definitely take a much longer time or maybe forever to start your second business. This is normal. You’re afraid of the pain of losing your second business. You hesitate a lot more, you imagine all the worst cases and they seem so real. The past experiences paralyzed you and you stopped taking opportunities. You don’t think you’re good enough because you have failed. This origin is also very, very closely related to Fear of Success.



Many of my clients’ fear of not good enough originated from either of these 3 sources. They were helpless and didn’t know what to do to get rid of this fear. So my job is to help them look inward and find out where their fear comes from, guide them on how to smash their fears into pieces and become the person they want to be. This is the very first stage.

I know you are suffering from this fear, that is why I’ve curated the best strategies to overcome the fear of not good enough. I have a lot more to share on this topic than I can effectively teach you in a single blog post.

So I’m holding a free class to dive deeper on this and help you to uncover what is stopping you. Click here and save your seat!

I’ll be directly teaching you how to recognize your greatest fear, how to create a compelling vision that blasts past those imaginary fears and expectations, and how to stay absolutely confident in who you are. Click here and join the class.

It is time for you to face your fear and break away. S.T.O.P running away from it.

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