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The Most Important Question to Ask When Making a Decision

Photo by Jan Genge on Unsplash

Have you ever wished you could undo a decision? Feeling regretful of a decision you’ve made is human. Nobody can rewind time and change history, but you can ask yourself the most important question in making decisions so you don’t regret it in the future. 

There’s something you can do to always have peace with your decisions –  instead of regret, you’ll say, “This is the best choice I’ve made at that moment”, even if that decision did not turn out to be the best for you.

What you need is the right question that gives birth to preparedness, confidence, certainty, and resilience.

The Right Question To Make A Wiser Decision

What are you willing to suffer?

This question deliberately shifts your thinking direction to predict what’s in store for you, positive or negative, it gives you a sense of preparedness and certainty. You’ll prepare for them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and when they come, you know they won’t hurt you as much because you’re prepared. 

Eventually, this breeds confidence. You believe you’re resilient against hardships, failures, rejections, etc. because you chose to walk this path knowing this will happen. You might trip and fall, but you’ll get back up because that was the best decision you’ve made at that moment. 

This question helps in making extremely tough decisions that could change your life.

For me, I have a coaching business that’s thriving but I had a very tough time deciding whether to continue working on it as part-time or full-time. 

I asked myself, “What am I willing to suffer?” 

I know I’m going to suffer financial insecurity if I invest 100% of my time in Life Redesigned, i.e., my coaching business. To me, I need financial security to sustain the quality of my life. It is not something I’m willing to give up, yet

This question has helped me to foresee objectively how the path looks like, what’s coming at me and what I’m willing to suffer. To this date, I didn’t regret a single moment because I decided with a clear head and fully understand why I made that decision. 

This question frees you from regrets to come that potentially could be your biggest regret of life. 

What are you willing to suffer?

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