The most important lesson I’ve learned after I failed my first business

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At the age of 25, I had to shut down my coaching company that I’ve spent 5 years and hundreds of thousands ringgit building it. I have learned a very important lesson that changed the course of my life. Thanks to that, I became who I am today.

At the age of 21, I’ve graduated university with a mission – to make this world a better place by coaching. Melvin, my masterclass coach realized the raw potential in me and his other student, Lu Xanne. The three of us formed our very first company, Generation Global Coaching (GGC) at the Pacific Coffee in 3 hours.

I became the “Founder and CEO”. I felt immense pride and joy that I was living and breathing my ambition, a 21-year-old CEO! Every day, we were pumped up to create proposals, brainstorm strategies, and discuss the future of our company. But we couldn’t foresee the struggles down the path. We were too naive.

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Rejections after rejections came non stop by our clients. We got kicked out of meeting rooms countless times just because we’re 21 years old (too young for them). We were told that we’re not qualified to coach because we studied in Malaysia, not an Ivy league graduate or studied abroad in a prominent university.

This hellish nightmare continued for 3 years. We’ve struggled more than enough. The company was not making much profit and we were burning our money, time and health. Bills were piling up and reality rocked me. I realized the hard truth – my passion doesn’t support the quality of life I want anymore.

At that time, my partner and I had a free coaching session at Mindvalley. Vishen saw our potential and offered us an opportunity to work with him. The offer was too good to ignore and it came at the perfect timing. After months of consideration, I finally agreed to be part of Mindvalley and run our business on the side.

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I managed to keep the business barely alive for another 2 years. Like everyone else, I was afraid to let go because of societal judgment. People will say hurtful things like KarFei is a failure, Karfei gave up, Karfei is not a good coach, KarFei demoted from a boss to a follower. Even more so, I was terrified to let go my passion.

What will I become if I let go?

The uncertainty of the future petrified me.




The fear of societal judgment and fear of uncertainty strike anyone. I’m sure you can relate to this.

What will my parents and family think if I didn’t live up to their expectations?

What will my friends say if I do something different?

Will I get a better life if I quit my job?


I’ve blasted past the fear and today, I’m the Resident Coach of Mindvalley and the founder of Life Redesigned. In my full-time job, I coach Mindvalley employees, about 200 of them every day. I also coach and facilitate workshops around the world for multi-millionaires and successful people in their own rights. I spend a lot of time coaching young professionals (millennials) by providing the mind-shift, strategies, and tools for them to live the life they desire.

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These experiences have shaped me to be who I am today. I’m grateful that I’ve failed my first coaching company and grow from it. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is the fine line between letting go and giving up.

I believe let go is courage because you’ve given your very best in the face of challenges. Give up is out of fear of failure, uncertainty and limiting beliefs that have ingrained inside of you. And I chose to let go.

What did you choose in your life, to let go or to give up?

Did fear of societal judgment and fear of uncertainty stop you from doing the things you’ve always wanted to do? Did you choose to give up because you had no choice?  I can help you. For a very limited time, I’m holding a free class that shows you and teaches you how to identify your fears and smashes them to pieces. Plus, you’ll know the secrets of how successful people stay motivated and become laser-focused on their goals. Click here to save your seat!

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