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Hack Your Past So It Becomes Your Motivation, Not A Burden

You’ve torn apart. You’ve crumpled. You’ve thrown, never wanting to see it again. But it comes back again and again, uninvited.

Your painful past, that is.

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Many times you were reminded by your painful past whenever you’re trying to take up a new opportunity, or build a business, or change your environment or look for a new relationship. You didn’t dare to take actions because of what you’ve experienced – a failed relationship in the past, a failed business venture when you were young(er), one bad mistake in your previous job, and the list goes on.

Your past won’t hold you down anymore once you’ve applied these 4 hacks consistently.

It’ll turbo-charge you to forge a bright future. If you wanna uplevel your game, read till the end!

#1 Change your words

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If you say “I can’t do it, I’m useless, I’m worse compared to him”, you’ll become exactly what you said. You can’t and you won’t obtain the job you dream of, the love you crave for, or the financial status you want.

Your words hold true power. This is already proven in scientific studies.

Research has shown the power of positive words on a human brain and physiology. Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that positive words like peace, beautiful, confident on water created beautiful white frozen snowflakes whereas negative words like Hitler, kill, war created brown snowflakes with black holes. Our body consists of 70% water, imagine the effect of positive words could have on our own body!

Prominent gurus featured in The Secret all agree to one thing. You attract what you think and say.

Choose to say positive words that you wish to become, every day.

  • I am Confident
  • I am Amazing
  • I am Courageous
  • I am Kind
  • I am Strong
  • I can!

#2 Change your questions

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A question can steer your emotions and thoughts towards two very different paths – self-defeating or self-empowering. It’s a double-edged sword if not used correctly. By default, whenever you think of your aching past these questions will pop up in your mind,

  • Why is this happening to me? Why not someone else?
  • What have I done to deserve this?
  • Why am I so unlucky?

These questions will keep coming repeatedly unless you STOP them, consciously.

Ask yourself questions that’ll switch you to self-empowerment. Questions that focus on positivity and learning.

  • How could I improve the situation?
  • What are the false stories I’ve created in my brain?
  • What was his/her good intention?
  • If I believed in his/her world, would I have done the same?

Answer these self-empowering questions to break the self-defeating cycle. Naturally, it guides your mind to look for positive points in your past. Your past then won’t be painful instead it’ll fuel your growth.

#3 Change your friends

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You’ll tend to hang out with the same type of people as you are. If you love movies, you’ll watch movies with movie lovers. If you like biking, you’ll train with bikers. If you’re depressed, you’ll complain with your equally negative friends.

The most beautiful fact about friends is they influence you a lot more than you think. Who you are right now is a part of who you hang out with the most.

Select who you surround with the most.

Surround yourself with friends who accept the good you and the not-so-good you, help you grow and support you when you need. You gotta let go of friends who are not helping you to grow, keep talking you down and makes you belittle yourself.

Letting go doesn’t mean burning bridges. Choose to spend less time with friends you don’t wanna hang around so much. One day at different stages of your life, some of them might be back. You might just be doing each other a service by letting go.

#4 Change the story

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Your past is a neutral experience. The stories that you give to your past make up meanings like difficult, embarrassing, happy, challenging or a waste of time.

As a result, you’ll think you have an embarrassing past because of the story you’ve told yourself.

What actually happened:
You said something different on a stage and everyone laughs.

The story you told yourself:
I’ve made a terrible mistake and embarrassed myself in front of so many people. Now everyone laughs at me. I shouldn’t have spoken on stage.

What if you can change your story in an instant?

The hack is asking yourself this question – What positive learning I get out of this experience?

This question steers you out of embarrassment and focuses on learning points. Slowly, your brain will remember moments of you learning something good. Like you’ve learned how to craft a speech, you’ve learned how to do your research or you’ve learned to finish what you’ve started.

You hold the power to change your pain into driving force

These strategies require only your mind and consistency to work. You hold the power to shift your past so that it fuels your future. It should not and should never become a burden.

You can hack your past and see it from a whole new, positive perspective.

Now, this is what you’ve been waiting for!

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