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KarFei’s fascination with human behavior and psychology from an early age kickstarted his journey with coaching 8 years ago. Enthralled with how people worked and why they do the things they do, he pursued knowledge from the world’s best teachers in leadership, coaching, hypnosis, subconscious mind, and personal well-being.

He is currently the Transformation Coach for employees in Mindvalley. He specialization includes leadership coaching and hypnotherapy. His focus is on helping employees in Mindvalley to be fulfilled and grow in their life in pursuit of Mindvalley’s mission of touching 1 Billion lives.

As the Founder of Life Redesigned, he, along with his team aim to coach and develop young people in the global workforce to create a better workplace and a better world. His approach is to redesign and remap new strategies for people to succeed in all different aspects of life. He has coached and trained young leaders at workplaces such as Procter and Gamble (P&G), IBM, Accenture and other clients.

Kar Fei also specializes in social business innovation and transformation. Through his expertise and experience in Design Thinking, he works with entrepreneurs to innovate and scale their business practices. KarFei has trained with organizations such as MaGIC, Tandemic, and IBM in social business transformations.

He was selected as part of the Hive Global Leaders Program in Harvard Business School to work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Apart from speaking and coaching in more than 15 countries across continents, Kar Fei is the few that were selected to be part of the Global Shapers Community initiative by World Economic Forum(WEF).

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Our Signature Programs

Ultimate Confidence Seminar

Create and develop YOUR compelling life vision and goals which will pull you forward. Gain massive CLARITY and CONFIDENCE in just one weekend.

Having coached, trained, and mentored tens of thousands of people, KarFei helps young professionals to step out of all the fear and dogma that they have to fully live a life of passion and purpose. Imagine how life looks and feels like if you wake up everyday knowing that you have the power to achieve all that you desire?

Impact Presentations

Impact Presentations

Eliminate your fear of speaking and harness the power of your presentations to deliver impact in different areas of your life.

With thousands of hours of track record speaking on stages around the world, KarFei definitely knows a thing or two in delivering highly impactful presentations. Impact Presentations will allow you to persuade, influence, and communicate to different people at work, relationships, or in social settings

Turning Passion into Purpose and Profit

Would you want to be able to impact more lives of the people around you and be financially sustainable in doing so? And this is something that you have been doing subconsciously.

With almost 10 years of coaching experience and hundreds of coaching hours, KarFei’s fascination with coaching and human psychology enabled him to deliver transformational results with his clients. Learn from KarFei on how he transformed his passion in coaching into a full time coaching career and business that has gotten him into the Forbes Coaches Council, become a TEDx speaker, and awarded as one of the world’s Top 100 Learning and Development experts in the region.


Other Programs We Do

Leadership Group Coaching

Through coaching, Coach KarFei helps team from around the world to level up by transforming workplace culture, enhancing collaboration, and increasing productivity at the workplace. With his background in leadership coaching with Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1 leadership coach, he has been able to help leaders in organizations to level up.

Keynote and Masterclasses

KarFei has delivered multiple keynotes and masterclasses all around the world to help organizations to grow and scale. His topic covers personal growth and motivation, leadership and confidence building, workplace culture transformation, and other topics on human mindset and psychology which help people to succeed in the workplace.

Performance Coaching

As KarFei only works with less than 10 personal clients a year, he puts in his undivided focus and energy to help his clients succeed in their lives. KarFei believes that successes in any area of life is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics – hence his approach with his clients is by transforming their psychology and the results will be exponential.

Unleash The Leadership In Your Team

Leadership coaching for the management and high-potential of an ASEAN NGO

Group coaching for the largest IT distributor in the world

Pro-bono coaching for an international not-for-profit NGO

Coach KarFei has coached and trained various multinationalsSMEs, and startups in different industries. From insurance to tech to IT to sales to property developer, his wide range of experiences enable him to relate practical case studies to participants.

His expertise in leadership coaching includes team management and leadership, workplace culture and innovationworkplace coachingcommunication and collaboration, and cross-generational leadership.

Engaging, Relevant, and Actionable Keynote Speaking

Chaired Malaysia’s largest Youth Forum

Keynote in Asia's largest HR Conference alongside Brian Tracy and Professor Gary Hamel.

TEDx Speaker. Click here to watch the TED Talk.

When you are in the business, it helps if you take time off to step out and work on the business. That is why keynote is important for organizations. Keynote helps organizations and people to gain clarity and new perspectives in the fastest possible duration. Coach KarFei has spoken in various conferences and talks (recently he spoke to 2000 HR professionals to transform workplace culture) to help organizations and their people to gain better understanding of the issues that they are facing.

His past keynote includes HRM AsiaAsian Institute of FinanceTEDx, and others. His talks are not all motivational – they are highly relevantthought provoking, and inspire actions to move forward (some also said his talks are funny – that is for you to judge).

Hands On Professional Coaching

Mentored by Brian Tracy in his Leadership Seminar

Coached and trained by Marisa Peer, Britain’s #1 Hypnotherapist

Online coaching with my client based in the United States

According to International Coaching Federation, 99% of people who have taken any form of coaching reported to be highly satisfied with their overall experience. Be it increased productivity (personal and work), improved self-confidence, improved work-life integration, and other results, coaching has proven to be a great tool to help people to elevate their quality of life.

Coach KarFei, with years of coaching experience has a proven track record in driving results in his clients. Read what his clients have to say. Mentored and learned from the best in the world in personal growth such as Marshall GoldsmithMarisa PeerBrian Tracy, and many more, he truly believe in helping people to fulfill their potential in life. 

His coaching includes helping client to remove fearincrease confidence and self-esteembreak free from limiting beliefs, and creating compelling goals to push his client’s life forward. Coaching with him is never easy – client is pushed, challenged, and being held accountablestrictly. If you want to be coached by him, proceed with caution 😉

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