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"Karfei is unlike any other coach who just gives you a direction and let you figure it out yourself"

Instead, he also gives you resources, encouragement, and handhold you all the way till you reach success. In 2015, I was directionless, basically I wanted to do everything at Singapore. He helped me to fine tune my life direction and goals. Since then, I have better clarity and confidence on what I’m going to do next and the strategies to leave my well paid job to start my business. All this couldn't be done without the help of Karfei! If you want to move from directionless to total clarity and transformation, KarFei is the coach to work with.
Bryan Tan, Malaysian
Co-Founder, Webist Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
Thanks to Kar Fei, I was not only able to gain different perspectives in life decisions but also clearer insights on which paths to take. ONE session of Rapid Transformational Therapy was all it takes for me to overcome a long habitual pattern which was affecting different areas in my life. After 21 days of ongoing effort, I am able to recognise the amazing positive effects it has on my daily habits and the way I do things. From being emotionally drained and lost, the coaching with KarFei allowed me to gain clarity and confidence in how I deal with my work and how I improve my life. “The saying goes “how you do anything is the way you do everything.” KarFei’s coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy has transform my beliefs and reconstructed how I act.
Alissandre Lau, Malaysian
Accounts Executive.
Coach Kar Fei is good at asking questions for me to be mindful of my present, while working towards my desired future. Kar Fei ran a 20 mins session to tap into my subconscious mind to build confidence in myself. It’s powerful. I can regain confidence in presentation, panel discussions and team discussions only with a snap to revisit the sensation that I got from the session. In 9 months, I’m able to manage myself better. That leads to better leadership towards my team and increase in productivity. Kar Fei’s ability to coach and tap into ones subconscious mind is powerful, and I call it – the killer combination.
John, Malaysia

My weeks of coaching with you have been the best productive weeks of my entire life.

If I could afford it I would have you as my coach for life. You have showed me that accountability is one of the key success elements to any thriving entrepreneur, not only with others but with themselves. Thanks to you I was able to move my project at 1600% growth speed than I would have without your guidance. Thank you for always being there when I need you and for always letting me figure out the answer simply by asking the right questions. I think every person looking for extraordinary success in their lives needs a Karfei!
Sara Maarouf, Moroccan
Product Launch Manager
I always left smiling after a session with Kar Fei. His ability to facilitate my thought process shed light upon what is important and what is not, and brought me closer towards my goals. Say hi to Kar Fei. You too could leave feeling no challenge is insurmountable.
Yau, Digital Marketer.
He is a very passionate, humble, and also friendly coach, not to forget my very first coach who push me to make my target achievable many times. I have won several competitions this year not even a single competition is without his supporting session. Attending his session before my competition is a must because he reminds me a lot for what I have known but the feeling of fear and nervous covered it down but Karfei as coach successfully many times made me realise how powerful human is if they believe in what they actually believe. The best part of coachee is to make her coach proud and even prouder. Hence, I will never stop attending his session and make him proud. Highly recommended to all youths or young generation out there! there is a quote saying ” when there is a will there is a way” Make Karfei one of your willingness to find better way in your dream.
Dayang, Indonesian

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